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IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC has 20 years of experience in fuel distribution for private service stations.

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TRANSFERT 98 Fuel Terminal

* fuel access control 24 hours a day

* unlimited number of controlled fuel dispensers and pumps

* tank’s level management in real time

* km plausibility control

* characteristics of the fuel station fully configurable

* real-time printer

* numerous connection interfaces from terminal to PC:
- by RS232 in direct or by pseudo modem
- by modem link (RTC, GSM, Radio)
- by Ethernet (RS232 converter/ Ethernet or Ethernet WiFi)




Vehicle / driver identification:

* Magnetic cards ISO 2 (oil companies cards)
* Proximity badges (keyring format)

badges.jpg (13838 octets)

Fuel management software GERICA

* programming and downloading of authorized vehicles / drivers

* automatic remote collection of transactions in the terminals

* integration of oil companies’ files

* transaction processing with screening:
- sum of “refueled” volumes
- calculation of consumption average.

* vehicles processing:
- maintenance km management
- control date management.

* Tank level alarm with calculation of hollow spaces.

* Data import / export towards other applications.



Version 2 - for Windows 2000 / XP
Download demo version of Gerica 2

Version 3 - Client / Server

Frequently Asked Questions (only available in French)

Update - Gerica V 3.1.5

Programmable volumeter VP4

* count and display of refueled volume
* impulse calibration (1/1000th liter)
* automatic calibration
* calibrated volumetric impulse output (1/100th liter)
* pump control relay when fuel dispensing nozzle is unhooked
* refuel authorization via RS485
* internal totalizer scrolling on main display.

Impulse Emitter E.I. 1/5

* generates volumetric impulses from the output shaft of the fuel dispenser measurer
* no power supply needed (dry contact output)
* Ratio 1/5 - 5 impulses per revolution of the input axis
* Compliance with the BE3 requirements of standard NF C 15-100

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