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ACES department designs, develops and manufactures induction heating equipment. ACES realizations range from the mere inductor to complete computer-assisted lines. Main fields of applications: forges, foundries, motorcar or engineering industries.

Transform and heat the material to ennoble it, is your know-how. Afford you with the best implements to succeed, is our job. By ACES, fundamental values shared by the whole staff guide day after day our activity.  These values hinge mostly on the notions of Quality and Innovation. The implementation of both these values ensures security and performance to our customers. Respect of environment, of user's safety and comfort, is the other constant preoccupation of our engineers. In this field, power consumption and working costs of ACES equipment are especially carried out and controlled. For each type of application ACES developed a standard range of equipment corresponding to the market standard process. For your specific needs, we will design your equipment according to your requirements.

Induction heating equipment - Industrial electrothermics - ACES / Ifetura


Foundry furnace for melting of ferrous and non ferrous metals - Melting - ACES |

Foundry furnaces for melting of ferrous and non ferrous metals. These small and medium power furnaces, from 50 kW to 1000 kW, have capacities between 50 and 1000 kg.


LISATHERM, high-performance and economical heating system for forges - Electrothermics - ACES |

Continuous or jerkily heaters with power range from 25 kW to 5000 kW.


Continuous or jerkily brazing or preheating before welding - Brazing - ACES |

These devices with power range from 15 kW to 250 kW are especially suited to continuous or jerkily brazing, as well as preheating before welding.

HF welding

High frequency generator : manufacture of continuous-welded tubes - High Frequency Welding - ACES |

High frequency generators for manufacture of continuous-welded tubes for powers from 100 kW to 1000 kW.

Mass heating heat treatment

High power resistance furnaces - Mass heating heat treatment - ACES |

Resistance furnaces for power up to several MW and temperatures up to 1100°C.

Chemical & Foodstuff industries

Induction heating system for reactor or autoclave - Food chemistry -  ACES |

Induction heating systems for reactors or autoclaves from 15 kW to 1500 kW.

Heat treatment

Induction heating or resistance heating for heat treatment -  ACES |

For heat treatment, either induction heating followed with water hardening, or resistance heating followed with water or oil hardening.

Treatment under vacuum or controlled atmosphere

Furnace under vacuum or controlled atmosphere for brazing or melting -  ACES |

Furnaces under vacuum or controlled atmosphere for brazing, heat treatment or melting.

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