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Energy conversion

Standard and customized manufacture - Distribution - Servicing, maintenance and commissioning.

CSP2 recorder

The CSP2 recorder is a device developped for the company VOSSLOH Cogifer. Il permits to measure the static and dynamic forces applied on a railway switch.

Terminal for driver

The on-board driver terminal is a device developped for the company INEO Systran. It is the interface between the driver and the bus on-board computer.

High-efficiency weed-killing train

The high-efficiency weed-killing trains weed thousands of kilometers of railway tracks in France.

Photoprofile ram

Digital imaging: photoprofile - laser range finding

Remote indication

IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC developped for its customers of railway industry remote indication systems, the main advantages of which are great distance of visibility as well as offset control of displays.

TEP measurement

Over the last past years the GEMPPM lab of Lyon developped a very accurate experimental device to measure the thermoelectric power of metallic materials at room temperature.

KVB rack

The SNCF (French Railway Company) progressively completed signalling along the railway tracks with the wireless KVB system, which transmits speed information from the ground to a control system into the driver's cab.

Quabac rack

The track circuit detects permanently and continuously track occupancy by trains. It is based on a current flowing in the rails.

Traction return current measurement

Traction return current measurement: 50 Hz - 1500 V.

Grinding wheel impact detector

Turbocompressor rotors can rotate to speeds over
240 000 rpm ! Therefore they have to be perfectly balanced to increase their lifetime.

Frequency analyzer

Railway tracks are not laid directly on the ground. They lie on a layer of stones called ballast.

Railway tracking

Tracking of railway, fluvial and road mobile devices.

Lisatel system

Remote control and remote maintenance systems for railway signal installations.

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