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SEPTU GPS Custom micronization.

Granules, Powders & Services

Faced with always increasing requests from its customers, SEPTU GPS decided to integrate in its factory several processing units and offer custom grinding services. These plants have numerous advantages for our customers: they permit them to test a new product before marketing it, validate pilot tests by industrial-scale tests before investing, increase a momentarily unsufficient grinding capacity or, even better, subcontract the whole production.

After preliminary study and tests, product undergoes requested processes on one of our lines. Owing to our infrastructure, each type of grinding is carried out on the most adequate equipment, permitting us to optimize qualitatively and quantitatively our production conditions. Our laboratory carries out all the analyses ensuring compliance with specifications and therefore constant quality of the micronized product.
Whatever the quantities to be processed, less than 100 kg or more than 1000 tons, whatever the operation complexity, we will always have a solution.

More than 7000 tons a year. Dozens of product types and thousands of tons are processed in our factory. SEPTU GPS takes charge of the entire process from receiving the raw products to packaging and dispatching the finished products.

A customized service (packaging, grinding, quality assurance, storage)

Fields of activities

SEPTU GPS services are perfectly suited to your specifications in most varied fields, such as elastomers, thermoplastics, resins, food-processing or cosmetics:

- production of powders with specified size grading
- production of granules
- size-grade separations with multiple cuts
- blendings using volumetric or weight proportioning
- unit or half-bulk packaging of micronized products
- repackaging of your products

Quality assurance ISO 9001 SEPTU GPS with:

- a team of experts answering to your requests very shortly
- an experience in the field of powders synthetized in a data bank with more than 8000 tests
- production equipment suited to your needs
- a laboratory with modern control devices

The quality chart signed by the whole staff guarantees compliance with the specifications sheets of each customer.


Aiming to a close and efficient cooperation SEPTU GPS also offers you dispatching of each order to your final customer, whatever the distance, not only in the European Community but also all over the world.


SEPTU GPS puts at your disposal a real-time controlled buffer stock.

Owing to its raw product and finished product storing capacities, SEPTU GPS commits itself to meet your requirements as a real partner.


SEPTU GPS offers you an active partnership for the development of your products through its engineering department and its test lines.

Custom grinding and micronization of powders, fines, granules | Ifetura

9 systematic controls

Product control
- weight control on reception of raw product

Controls in laboratory
- size grading control
- moisture content control
- ash analysis through calcination

In-process controls:
- compliance with specifications
- additive proportinoning
- grinding temperature
- product weight at packaging
- product weight at dispatching

Production of powders, granules and fines from raw material through custom grinding and micronization

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