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Intended for the control of Pb and CdNi storage batteries equipping portable units, this device indicates the charge and discharge characteristics of their batteries.
At the end of the cycle, it gives the capacity of the storage battery under test. It is especially useful for electrical maintenance teams.

Battery characteristics:
* Voltage: 0 to 16 V
* Current: 0 to 4 A
* Capacity: 100 Ah

This simple device is factory calibrated to test the discharge of a specific type of storage battery.
At the end of discharge, it gives the quantity of electricity supplied.

Battery characteristics:
* Voltage: 3,6 V - 4,8 V - 6,0 V - 7,2 V.
* Current: 400 mA - 600 mA - 800 mA.
* Capacity: up to 1200 mAh.


(Electric capacity gauge)
By integration of the intensity delivered over time, the gauge displays in real time the quantity of electricity supplied by the source (battery or storage battery).
The user knows then the quantity of remaining energy (by subtraction) and can decide to replace the battery or recharge the storage battery.

Model: J.C.E. 10-1
* Voltage: 10 V
* Current: 1 A
* Capacity: 999,9 Ah
(other ranges of voltage and current available)

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