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Regulation set-up is one of the oldest expertise of Ifetura-eu Department ARNATRONIC. Regulating, analogically, a supply voltage, a storage battery charging current or a fluid temperature are tasks that are mastered and commonly used.
However, the field of regulation is constantly evolving:

- switchover from analog to digital (microprocessors, PC)
- increasingly high performances (response time within the µs, setpoint error lower than the %…)
- non-linear processes
- important noises (electric fields, vibrations …)
- standards (EMC, food…)

Therefore, Ifetura-eu Department ARNATRONIC offers several types of regulation:

- analog P, PI, PID
- digital P, PI, PID
- auto-adaptative
- ...

Examples of areas of application are numerous:

- Power electronics: cutting at 50 kHz 20 V-2000 A
- Fluotox: regulation of biosensor water temperature
- High-efficiency weed-killing train: regulation of the product flowrate in the buses to obtain strong, fast and precise sprays

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