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Industrial signal processing, such as amplification, filtering or phase-locked loop are and can always be achieved analogically, with reduced lead time and operating cost...

But analog quickly shows its limits:

- limited performances (response time, accuracy, complexity)
- impedance and supply problems
- noise problems
- “volatile” aspect of the results (little or no storage possibility)
- calibration and parametrization sometimes complicated
- etc.

IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC implements its expertise in digital signal processing to meet your always more demanding requirements:

- digital filtering
- spectrum analysis
- phase-locked loops
- calculations and mathematical functions (multiplication, division, in complex, square root, log, decibel…)
- storage, easy duplication (parallel processing)
- generation of varied signals (sawtooth, triangle, sinus, impulse) and “noise signals” (gaussian, uniform) for simulations.


Examples of achievements:

- digital filtering (level 14 !): Quabac rack
- digital filtering: traction return current measurement - traction 50 Hz
- vector analyses: traction return current measurement - traction 1500 V DC
- spectrum analysis: grinding wheel impact detector
- spectrum analysis: vibration frequency analyzer


Learn more:

- our partner for research and technology watch: CRAN Laboratory (Research Center for Automatic control of Nancy).

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