Activities / Departments


Energie conversion

For your so-called "power" electronic applications (up to 100 kW and even 1 MW !) IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC offers its know-how in the field of energy conversion.

Battery control

For equipment requiring a self-sustained energy source, management and supervision of batteries is a strategic and topical point with the breakthrough of the electric vehicle and explosion of portable devices such as mobiles.

Signal processing

Industrial signal processing, such as amplification, filtering or phase-locked loop are and can always be achieved analogically, with reduced lead time and operating cost.


Microelectronics, especially microprocessors and micro-controllers, is of highest importance for IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC.


IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC offers its numerous fields of expertise to meet your requirements and expectations.


Regulation set-up is one of the oldest know-how of IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC.

Image processing

The use of CCD cameras belongs now to the spheres of competence of IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC.


IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC extends its know-how in the field of computing for our applications and yours.

Physical measurements

IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC offers its whole range of measurements for your applications.


IFETURA-eu Department ARNATRONIC developed a great experience in this field which is going to expand very quickly.

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